Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Table What!?!

Every year hubs and I begin our Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  We normally get 75% of our gifts bought in one day! So I did my normal combing through the ads and I found this interesting table item....

Table panties?? This brings a whole new meaning to tableware! I have heard of table salt, table runners and table center pieces but table panties are a new discovery for me! These probably won't make my list this year, sadly, but they are sure to make someone a great gift!


  1. Table panties?
    In keeping with the PG request, I'll refrain...... ;-), really, I'll refrain.

    1. Oh Ican only imagine what you had to say!

  2. Yah, you know...table panties. You put them on and eat your holiday dinner at the table in them. There are no words are there?


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