Monday, November 18, 2013

Small Town Tragedy

I don't watch the news. Call me disconnected, out of touch, whatever but it's always negative and I don't like negativity. I know what's going on in this world because it has been foretold in the best selling book of all time. However, I have been glued to the local news today trying to glean any facts that would explain the events that took place last night in our small, very rural map dot.  Our community is in a complete state of shock after learning that one local man is believed to have shot and killed another. This might be a common news story in the big city but in a place where their are more dirt roads than paved ones and everyone knows your name, this comes as quite a shock. I can't get it out if my head. My heart is broken for both families involved. What's worse is the man that is believed to have pulled the trigger was in my class in school and was one of my very best guy friends growing up. The boy I remember is nothing like the man portrayed in the mugshot and news coverage.

I picture him as a 9 year old boy who has just rode the middle bar of his bike down a very rough hill causing some pain where the sun don't shine. He had to wear special supportive underwear and he was so proud of them he pulled his pants down right there in my living room to show my mother and I!

We used to live in the same neighborhood and would dress up and trick or treat together.  

He was my escort at our 6th grade graduation. 

He's also the same guy who had a single cab Nissan pick up when we were teenagers that we crammed 7 people in and got stuck down by the lake. We didn't have cell phones so we all hoofed it back to civilization to call for a tow.

Most Friday nights he and I, along with a few other friends would head to town and cruise. 

That boy in all the pictures of my birthday parties, prom, homecoming, graduation's unbelievable that it's the same man on the news. 

Of course my heart is heavy for the victim's family too but I didn't know him personally. However, I do know his family and I can't begin to fathom the pain they are experiencing.  The whole thing is such a complete and utter tragedy.  

Sorry for the doom and gloom but I had to write about it or I was going to explode.  Now I do the best thing I know to do and pray for all affected. 


  1. I'm plagued with violence on the local news every single day multiple times. Each one is senseless and I can't understand how one can pull a trigger on someone else (unless of course it was self defense). People today have no qualms about pulling out a gun and shooting someone. It's so sad. All of these shooters were once 9 year old boys (and girls) doing the same things as you and your friend did. What happens? That's the $64,000 question.

    1. You are exactly right. What happened? I guess we will never know. Sad.

  2. Isn't it a shame that we all have to grow up? :-(

    1. It is a shame!! Life so much easier when there is no responsibilities!


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