Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Confessions of a Cheapskate

When I was in college I would spend my last dime on something that I wanted. I had no money skills really. If it was shiny and caught my eye, I would stagger checks and hope they didn't bounce to buy it! Then I met my husband, Tightwad Extraordinare. He worked a minimum wage job at the time and had money in savings..what!? He would go hungry rather than shell out $3 for lunch! We married and he converted me to his cheap ways. Well, most of his ways; this girl does not go hungry! Fast forward 11 years and we still maintain our frugal ways. 

I am always looking for ways to save even more money so I watched a season of Extereme Cheapskates, the TLC series, on Netflix. I'm not that extreme! My kids will never have to worry about eating dumpster dive food or wiping with cloth toilet paper but I did pick up a few good ideas anyway. Here are some of the  thrifty things I do:

1. I comp shop and use coupons whenever I can. I try to get at least one thing free or almost free each time I go to the store. I only do this for things my family will use. I don't hoard anchovies and pickled eggs just because I can get them for free!

2. We only have Netflix and rabbit ears. Hey, at least the kids don't have to stand outside in the snow and turn the antenna. 

3. I reuse my freezer bags and foil as long as they are easily cleaned. 

4. We buy clothes on the cheap from clearance racks doubled with % off coupons and I am a yard sale junkie!! 

5. I make my own laundry soap. It smells great, works better than store bought and it lasts nearly a whole year even with having two kids and doing daily loads of laundry. 

6. I sign up for free stuff. Companies are just dying to send you free stuff in hopes that you will run right out and purchase whatever sample it is they send. And, they always include coupons in the sample pack. Double score!!

7. I let my dishes air dry instead of using the heated dry on the dishwasher and we heat with wood as our main source of heat. I also unplug anything easily accessible to avoid using unnecessary electricity. 

8. I do surveys for money. Sure it takes awhile to score enough points to earn money or a gift certificate but every bit counts. 

9. We grow a garden and I can and freeze the food we get from it. It saves money, is healthier and tastes better. Wins all around! 

10. I sell stuff at consignment stores. When my kids outgrow those clothes mentioned on #4 I take them to the consignment shop and make my money back!

That's a pretty healthy list so I will stop at 10. Cutting corners may not be up everyone's alley but it has allowed us to fulfill some of our hopes and dreams and we will continue to be cheap, frugal, tight, thrifty, whatever you want to call it! 


  1. All of this is within reason and I commend you for it.

    1. Thanks Barb. Saving money is one thing but the people on that show are either really putting on a show for the cameras or they have gone off the deep end!

  2. I agree with these. Good money saving tips. I tried doing the surveys once but could never make any headway.

    1. Surveys are my least favorite way to save/ make money. Takes forever!!


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