Sunday, October 20, 2013


Most people don't look forward to, or even plan on cutting wood on the weekend.  But, we aren't most people! Hubs and I actually enjoy cutting wood for our stove. Weird, I know. There's just something about being on the middle of the farm, smelling the mixture of chainsaw gas and cow manure that really makes me feel as one with nature. No, the fumes haven't gone to my head!  Cutting and chopping wood and tossing it in the back of the truck is therapeutic.
What better way to relieve the weeks frustrations than chopping stuff up and then setting it on fire later??  I'm kind of a wimp so the hubs does the "man work" and I do the loading! See my outstanding loading technique below:

Then again, maybe the stress relief isn't the only reason I like to cut wood. I mean who can resist a man in overalls wielding a chainsaw? 

Can't forget our faithful sidekicks:

The life of a farm dog is so rough! And all that work was with it to be able to relax by the first fire of the season. 

A Saturday well spent. 


  1. No fire yet at the Penwasser Homestead, although Mrs. Penwasser (aka Heat Miser) was hinting around yesterday. She 's in Virginia this week so I'm all by myself. She'll be back by Friday. I predict the fireplace will be back in commission on Saturday. Can snow be far behind?

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  3. Don't worry. It wasn't an inappropriate comment. I'm just a knucklehead.

    1. I don't even want to think about snow yet! Thanks for stopping by and for the comments!


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