Friday, September 14, 2012

Change of Plans

We were going to squeeze in one last camping trip in "Stubby" (our tiny 15ft camper) before winterizing him for the season, but it looks like this is the forcast...

Soooo, instead we may hanging out at home!  We will probably flip on the tube Saturday to to call the pigs.

Maybe, they can put their game faces (they seemed to have been missing during the Lousiana Monroe game) on and BEAT BAMA! We may also have some good friends over to grill.  There is always fun to be had where friends and food are involved!

Speaking of camping though, I think we are going to try some cold weather camping this year.  We are going to buy a tent for cold weather, build a fire pit down by the creek and try it out.  I envision a smoldering fire, roasted marshmallows and smores, hiking, riding the four wheelers and snuggling down deep in the covers for the night.  In reality, we will probably be bundled up so thick our arms will stick straight out like that kid on The Christmas Story!  If nothing else, I'm sure a good story will come from it which will undoubtedly end up here. 

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